Yetişen Plastik manufactures, in its 4000m2 indoor space, particularly technical and highly sensitive plastic components and the plastic injection molds for these components, while employing the relevant environmental and occupational safety principles.

Our manufacturing staff utilizes their knowledge and experiences to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers in the most economic manner, with the highest quality, and with the fastest delivery.

The raw materials we use are procured from companies that are leading their respective industries, and include materials such as PA6, PA6 GF30, PA66, PP, PPT, ABS, HDPE, LDPE and their color variants. Before the raw materials are checked-in, our highly competent process-control staff tests them with state-of-the-art test machines. With our machine park, capable of manufacturing components from 0,5 grams to 3.000 gram(P.S) via injection molding, we answer the demands of our customers with standardized high- quality principles and in a timely manner.

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